Installation: Installing theme

Download Files

First you need to download the theme. To do so, just go to your Themeforest account, click on the Tab Downloads and download either the Main File(s) or the Installable WordPress Theme.

Main File(s)

Folder Description
/theme Contains the THEMENAME.zip and THEMENAME-child.zip. Use the child theme if you want to make code customization and be update proof.
/demo Contains a complete demo data installation.
/docs Contains the theme documentation.
/licensing Contains the licensing terms
/plugins External plugins required in the theme.

Installable WordPress Theme

Folder Description
/THEMENAME.zip This is the installable WordPress theme file.


For the installation you need the file THEMENAME.zip

Step 1:

Go to Appearance > Themes

Step 2:

Click Add New

Step 3:

Click Upload Theme

Step 4:

Choose the file THEMENAME.zip

Step 5:

After uploading the theme there should be a link to activate the theme.
If not navigate to Appearance > Themes and activate the theme.

NOTE: If you want to install the child theme just repeat the steps.

That's it